The US Highway that connects...

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Los Angeles and San Francisco
Portland and Casper
Denver and Providence
Los Angeles* and Seattle*
Bismarck and Brownsville
Los Angeles* and St. Louis*
Santa Fe and Savannah
Boston and Manchester, NH
Yellowstone NP and Milwaukee*
Seattle* and Minneapolis
Missoula and Las Vegas
Sioux City and Brownsville
Phoenix* and Raleigh
Minneapolis and Charleston, SC
Cumberland Gap and Norfolk
Minneapolis and New Orleans
Richmond to Sarasota
Minneapols and Detroit
El Paso and Buffalo
Cincinnati and Miami
Baltimore and Atlanta
Cincinnati and New York
Philadelphia and Norfolk
Klamath Falls and Yakima
Albany and Portsmouth, NH
Yellowstone NP and Chicago
Tampa and Daytona Beach
Cleveland* and Columbia, SC
Pittsburgh and Tampa
Indianapolis and Mobile
Chattanooga and Wilmington, NC
Norwalk, CT and Burlington, VT
Chicago and Boston
Nogales* and Glacier NP
Yellowstone NP and Dallas
Chicago and Miami
Rocky Mtn NP and Chicago
Thief River Falls and Houston
Portland and Philadelphia
Norfolk and Orlando
Albert Lea and Little Rock
Louisville and Cleveland
Dodge City and Kansas City
Sacramento and Washington
Colorado Springs and Detroit
Des Moines and Beaumont
Denver and Baltimore
Chicago and Mobile
Harrisburg and Durham
Yuma and Coeur d'Alene
Atlantic City and Albany
International Falls and Shreveport
Los Angeles* and Norfolk
Boston and Miami
New Haven and Springfield, MA
Lubbock and Montgomery
St. Louis and Dallas
Billings and San Antonio
Mobile and West Palm Beach
Dallas and Savannah
San Diego* and Spokane
Memphis and Chattanooga
El Paso and Denver
El Paso and Chicago
San Antonio and Jacksonville
Austin and Memphis
Douglas, WY and Milwaukee
Fort Wayne and Richmond
Everett, WA and Sault Ste. Marie, MI
Dallas and Fargo
Denver and Indianapolis
Madison, WI and New Orleans
Detroit* and Augusta, GA
Long Beach, CA* and Salt Lake City
New Orleans and Syracuse
Memphis and Charleston, SC
Omaha and Dallas
Farmington, NM and Raleigh
Rochester, MN and Memphis
Toledo and Jacksonville

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