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Francisan friar who founded nine Spanish missions in California
CA wine grower, founded UC Davis viticultural school (not Gallo!)
World War II General who commanded U.S. Third Army, slapped a solider
Explorer, Mexican-American War and Civil War general, first Republican presidential nominee
The face of Apple computers, iPhones
Film animator, studio exec, theme park creator
Photographer of Yosemite, Taos Pueblo, other western sites
Naturalist who founded Sierra Club, urged protection of Yosemite
Oakland Raiders coach, NFL commentator, video game namesake
Author who wrote about life in the Klondike around 1900
Actor/comedian known for hosting Oscars, USO shows, golf tournaments
Baseball player who broke the color barrier
Politician who was U.S. Vice-President (1953-61), and President (1969-74); resigned
Mexican-American United Farm Workers activist
1930s-40s Yankees player with 3 MVPs, record hit streak
Actor in Toy Story, Forrest Gump, Apollo 13, Philadelphia, and Saving Private Ryan
Governor of CA (D, 1975-83 and 2011-); Son of Governor of CA
Actor, SAG President, CA Governor (R, 1967-75), U.S. President (R, 1981-89)
Black/Asian golfer/philander with most majors still currently playing
Ca. 1900 Los Angeles landowner and booster, built Pacific Electric and famous Library
First American woman in space
CA Governor (1911-17) and Senator (1917-45), called for progressive reforms such as recall
Pioneering female aviator, lost while attempting round-the-world flight
Gay rights activist, assassinated while SF Supervisor
Austrian-American bodybuilder, actor and CA Governor (R) (first name acceptable)
CA Congresswoman, First Female Speaker of the House (D, 2007-2011)
CA Politician, Member of the 'Big Four' Railroaders, Endowed university
Author known for portrayal of Great Depression, Monterey
Governor of CA (1943-53), Later Supreme Court Chief Justice (1953-69)
Publishing tycoon with political aspirations, inspiration for Citizen Kane

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