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Can you name the tracy beaker returns characters?

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Loves PINK!1,2,3
Doesn't like being touched3 (episode 1)
Franks girlfriend3 (episode 1)
Has two sistersseries 1,2,3
Had a gang called the cobras1,2,3
Gets in trouble with the police a lot1,2,3 ( part of 3)
Has a toy girraffe called jeff1,2,3
Always has a note book with him1,2,3
Loves art1,2,3
has a younger sister1,2,3
Main character1,2,3
Has an older brother1,2,3
Tracy's foster mum1,2,3
Mum and dad commited fraud3
Sometimes wets the bed3
Has a disability1,2,3
Head care worker1,2,3
Has a twin1,2
Tracy's boyfriend1,2,3
Loves comics1,2
Has a twin1,2
Care worker1,2,3
Loves chocolate biscuits3

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