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Can you name the standalone chemical elements that the FDA recommends you consume a certain amount of daily?

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For more roles see: http://www.csua.berkeley.edu/~wuhsi/elements.html
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Recommended Daily ValueElementImportant Roles
3,500 mgMaintenance of pH and osmotic balance
2,400 mgMaintenance of pH and osmotic balance
1,000 mgStructure of bone and teeth
1,000 mgStructure of bone and teeth; required for ATP
400 mgBone structure
18 mgOxygen transport in the body
15 mgReproductive function
2 mgIron transport and release from storage
2 mgBone formation and reproductive health
150 µgMetabolic rate
120 µgRegulation of sugar levels
75 µgExcretion of nitrogen in uric acid
70 µgHeart health

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