Beheaded 'S' Phrases

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Can you name the two-word phrases in which the 2nd word is the 1st word with 1st letter 'S' removed?

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Clue (Letters before beheading)Phrase
The point in your life when you're finally wise (4)
Wooden board used for sleeping (7)
Ray of sunshine through the window, e.g. (6)
Murder that takes talent (5)
Place where the guard comes in (6)
Announcement that might make you cry (3)
Banker on a diet (7)
Stringed instrument that might hurt to play (5)
Amusement caused by homicide (9)
Stylish water pumping station (5)
Clue (Letters before beheading)Phrase
Set of props used to perform a short act (4)
Venomous snake brought to tears (6)
Safe place for those without facial hair (6)
Furniture with all four legs level on the ground (6)
Platter that's not with all the other platters (5)
Father's anger (4)
Outdated anecdote (5)
Cup that thinks it's better than other cups (4)
Shopping center with very few stores (5)
Three plus four, no less, no more (5)

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