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Updated Dec 25, 2011

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Name a country that ...Example Country
Has territorial claims in Antarctica
Has territorial claims in Kashmir
Has won the FIFA World Cup
Borders the Caspian Sea
Lies on the equator
Is a Nordic country
Lies on the Prime Meridian
Has hosted both the summer & winter Olympics
Has a capital beginning with 'C'
Has a crescent moon on its flag
Has either a square or more than 4-sided flag
Was a member of the former Yugoslavia
Is a member of OPEC
Uses any form of the rupee currency
Is in the top 10 for both population and area
Name a country that ...Example Country
Has the same name as its capital
Has between 100 million & 200 million people
Contains a hyphen in its name
Contains part of the Danube river
Is not a member of the UN
Contains the letter 'X'
Is a country of Africa with 4 letters
Has exactly one land border
Is an Asian country with no bordering countries
Has a capital south of the Tropic of Capricorn
Is a Communist country
Begins with the letter 'R'
Has a capital higher than 2,000 meters
Ends with '-na'
Is a Lesser Antilles island nation

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