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I have a faint cold fear thrills through my veins that almost freezes up the heat of life.
Thou villain Capulet! Hold me not. Let me go.
Alas, that love, so gentile in his view, should be so tyrannous and rough in proof.
When the sun sets, the Earth doth drizzle dew, but for the sunset of my brother's son it rains downright.
And thou must stand by too and suffer every knave to use me at his pleasure?
You shall find me apt enough to that, sir, an you will give me occasion.
Rebellious subjects, enemies to peace, profaners of this neighbor-stained steel!
Farewell, ancient lady. Farewell, lady, lady, lady.
Of honorable reckoning are you both, and pity 'tis you lived at odds so long.
Wisely and slowly. They stumble that run fast.
Alack, there lies more peril thine eye than twenty of their swords.

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