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Obedience: prisoners are referred to by _____ rather than name to dehumanise them
Atypical Behaviour: getting a patient to form new, healthy associations more gradually
Sex & Gender: the ____ __, or how girls do better at school than boys
Sex & Gender: '____ _______ for the sexes', a reason for finding out which gender differences children are born with
Attachment: about 50 years ago, it was common for newborns to be ______ from their mother straight after birth
Atypical Behaviour: when a patient is immersed in their fear, forcing them to face their phobia full-on
Obedience: prison officers wear ______ to enhance power and status
Memory: ____-coding topics can help retrieval
Memory: what is used when 'lost' information is actually just inaccessible and can be retrieved
Attachment: nowadays, hospitals tend to have more ______ and more ______ visiting hours
Atypical Behaviour: following immersion, the patient's heart rates slows and they form a new association of _______ with whatever they fear
Atypical Behaviour: like immersion, but patients are required to imagine the worst situation instead
Sex & Gender: while girls tend to do better at school, men tend to perform better in the _______.
Memory: associating a picture with a word, doubling your chance of retrieval
Attachment: there is a big debate on whether putting infants into _______ has an effect on their development
Attachment: nowadays, babies are given straight to their mothers to initiate ______ via skin-to-skin contact
Obedience: _______ can encourage disobedience, leading to riots in extreme cases
Sex & Gender: in education, 'We may need to use _______ _________ to create better opportunities for the disadvantaged sex.'
Memory: when the first letters of a rhyme or sentence correspond with the initials of what needs to be memorised
Memory: a type of diagram that simulates how the brain works
Atypical Behaviour: ________ ______ is used to counter-condition phobias
Obedience: the structure of an organisation or group, starting with the person with the most authority

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