14 Criteria For Evaluating Psychological Evidence

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Can you name the 14 Criteria For Evaluating Psychological Evidence?

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Whether the research situation is true to lifeE
Whether the evidence can be used to affect situations of exploitation or oppressionS
Whether extraneous variables were sufficiently controlledD
Whether data from non-human participants help us understand humansE
Whether the participants who took part in the study were representativeS
Whether researchers' conclusions are supported by other researchers' workE
Whether evidence can be evaluated in terms of the paradigm it arises fromA
Whether complex wholes are explained in terms of their component partsR
Whether participants are harmed or deceived during researchE
Whether one's own cultural world view is centralE
Whether a study can be repeated with the same resultsR
Whether the evidence is evaluated in terms of the methods that were used to gather itM
Whether the evidence can be put to any use in the real worldA
Whether the evidence is written from a masculine standpointA

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