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Lesson 9 Quiz 57
He is proud of his past performances.  
He never misses a sports event on TV. 
How many times a year does he play tennis? 
He plays tennis once a year. 
She has slender hands.  
It's after four o'clock. 
I want to know who it is. 
Be quiet! 
Lesson 9 Quiz 58
You (f.) are annoying! 
First, you are going to get the snack. 
I'm not your maid! You go! 
She brings some raisin buns. 
Bring some lemonade. 
Go get the snack. 
There aren't any more. 
There are at least five or six left. 
Lesson 9 Quiz 59
There aren't anymore left. 
Of course I'm (f.) sure. 
She brings the bottles and the glasses. 
Pay attention to what you're doing! 
She drops everything. 
That's clever! 
It's not my fault. 
Don't cry. It isn't serious. 
Donnez les pronoms personnels accentuĂ©s. 

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