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Lesson 8 Quiz 48
He is always on vacation. 
He doesn't have any children. He's single. 
He adores children, especially Marie-Laure. 
He always finds time for the children. 
He arrives with chocolates. 
He brings the children presents. 
It's easy when one has money. 
Lesson 8 Quiz 49
I believe that she doesn't have much money. 
Fortunately, because she hates children. 
Even her nephews and nieces! 
She finds all children annoying and tiring. 
But basically she is very nice. 
I like her a lot. 
My grandparents aren't there either. 
Lesson 8 Quiz 50
I can show you some photos. 
Go get my album. 
She tells Marie-Laure to go get her album. 
You can't go get it yourself? 
That's me at age six. 
That's me at six months. 
They are happy to announce the birth of their daughter. 
Lesson 8 Quiz 51
She was born on January 3. 
When was Hubert born? 
We are exactly the same age. 
We were born on the same day. 
That's my cousin (f.) on mother's side. 
What is she like? She is nice. 
His name is Fido. 

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