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Lesson 8 Quiz 42
30, 31, 32 
40, 41, 42 
50, 51, 52 
60, 61, 62 
70, 71, 72 
Lesson 8 Quiz 43
What are we going to study? 
When does François marry Madeleine? 
François marries Madeleine in 1964. 
How many children do they have? 
You see that Mireille is François' daughter. 
Conjugate: voir (to see) (8 pronouns and verb forms) 
Lesson 8 Quiz 44
Mireille is his great-granddaughter. 
Georges is his grandson. 
Louise is her grandmother. 
Edouard is her great-grandfather. 
Cécile and Marie-Laure are her sisters. 
Sophie is her cousin. 
Philippe is her cousin. 
Henri is her uncle. 
Lesson 8 Quiz 45
Almost everyone is there. 
Let's start by my parents. 
There is my father and my mother. 
There is my sister and her husband. 
Everyone says that she looks like me. 
Wait! I'm (f.) busy! 
I'm telling you to come right away! 
Lesson 8 Quiz 46
What's wrong? 
My greataunt is a widow. 
Her husband died in the war. 
He's eighty-five. He's a widower. 
His wife died of (a) cancer. 
He doesn't work. 
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90, 91 

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