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Lesson 6 Quiz 31
What are we going to do today?  
Is she going to be tall? 
Let's say that she is going to be rather short.  
She looks frail. 
Actually, she is not frail at all.  
In fact, her health is excellent. 
She is going to be thin, obviously.  
Conjuguez: dire (to say, tell) (8 pronouns and verb forms) 
Lesson 6 Quiz 32
Conjuguez: faire (to do, make) (8 pronouns and verb forms) 
I ski.  
I don't ski. 
Do you (tu) play tennis? 
He rides his bicycle. 
She rides horseback. 
We sail. 
Do you (vous) ice skate? 
They swim. 
Lesson 6 Quiz 33
She has a long, thin neck. 
She has a short, thick neck. 
She has a slender waist. 
She has a thick waist 
She has long, slender fingers. 
She has long, slender legs. 
She has an oval face. 
round, square, elongated 
Lesson 6 Quiz 34
She is blond.  
She has blond hair. 
She is darkhaired.  
She has dark hair. 
She is redheaded.  
She has red hair. 
She is brownhaired.  
She has brown hair.  
She doesn't have brown eyes. 
She has blue eyes. 
Does she have green eyes? 
She's not mean at all. 
She's very nice. 

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