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Lesson 4 Quiz 17
It's going to be a real novel. 
Do you (vous) like novels?  
That depends. 
I like detective novels. 
I don't like romance novels. 
I detest science fiction novels. 
Lesson 4 Quiz 18
What do you (vous) prefer? 
I like Swedish movies. 
I don't like American musical comedies. 
Me neither. I prefer tragedies. 
Conjuguez: préférer (to prefer) (8 pronouns and verb forms) 
Lesson 4 Quiz 19
I love (adore) stories of crime. Me too. 
Are we (on) going to have a crime in the story?  
I don't know. Perhaps. We'll (on) see. 
Let's continue.  
Let's begin by the young man. 
He arrives in France. 
He is at the airport. 
Lesson 4 Quiz 20
(vous) Go ahead! You can go through. 
Now he is at customs with two other young people. 
The young lady and I are Americans. 
You (vous) have nothing to declare? 
Conjuguez: pouvoir (can, may, to be able) (8 pronouns and verb forms) 
Lesson 4 Quiz 21
Are all three of you French? 
She and I speak English since we are Americans. 
They (emphatic) are Americains, but I (emphatic) am Brazilian. 
Is it true that you (tu, m.) are Brazilian? 
There is a Brazilian house at the Cité Universitaire. 
Lesson 4 Quiz 22
There is a Danish house for the Danish. 
Are you (vous) taking a taxi? 
I'm taking the bus or the train. 
He's going to take a taxi. 
Conjuguez: prendre (to take) (8 pronouns and verb forms) 

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