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FIA Lesson 2 Quiz 1
Hello! We are going to learn French.  
I (emphatic) am the teacher.  
And you (emphatic) are the (college) students.  
FIA Lesson 2 Quiz 2
I (emphatic) speak French. 
Where is French spoken? 
French is spoken in Canada, in Quebec. 
French is spoken in Africa. 
FIA Lesson 2 Quiz 3
French is spoken in Switzerland, in Belgium, and then in France, of course. 
French is spoken in Paris. 
The teacher speaks French in the classroom. 
FIA Lesson 2 Quiz 4
Hello (to a woman) 
Mireille meets a friend, Colette. 
Hey, Colette! 
Where are you going?  
I'm going to the university.  
I (f.) am in a hurry! Goodbye!  
Mireille meets a friend, Hubert. 

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