French 1 Passé Composé Sentences

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English SentenceFrench Translation
What did you (tu) do yesterday?
I have found them (m.).
I didn't wait for them (m.).
Have you (vous) started it (m.)?
When did the train leave?
What did you (vous) say?
I discovered it (m.).
We played cards.
She followed us (m.).
She came to France.
I didn't eat it (f.)
He didn't read it (m.)
I didn't see you (vous).
He didn't go out.
Have you (tu) finished?
We (m.) didn't go in.
She smiled.
English SentenceFrench Translation
He helped them (f.).
You (vous) didn't listen to me (m.).
She didn't notice him.
I looked at her.
She was born in France.
They (m.) went to Canada.
They took a taxi.
She didn't go to England.
He has arrived.
They dropped the bottles.
He didn't pick them (f.) up.
They (m.) didn't come back.
Did he die?
He didn't cry.
Where did you (tu) spend the vacation?
They lost it (f.)

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