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Can you name the simpsons answer corresponding to each letter of the alphabet?

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Homer's Dad:A
Simpson Family Boy:B
Owns The Android's Dungeon:C
Homer's Favourite Food:D
Bart's Teacher's Name:E
Nutty Professor:F
Writer Of The Simpsons:G
Simpson Family Father:H
The Type Of Pet Marge's Sister has:I
Local Bully:J
Local Newsreader:K
Simpson Family Eldest Daughter:L
Simpson Family Mother:M
Where Homer Works:N
Drives The School Bus:O
Marge's Sister:P
Mayor Of Springfield:Q
Chief Wiggums's Son:R
Simpson Family Dog:S
Twin That Isn't Sherry:T
Herb's Relation To Bart And Lisa:U
Bart Was Banned From Try-And-Save Because He Stole One Of These:V
Mr Burn's Assistant:W
The Type Of Machine That Makes Fall-Out Boy Super:X
The Colour Of The Simpson's Skin:Y
Marge's Geeky, Millionaire ex-boyfriend:Z

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