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DefinitionBoard words
The board where you play the game where you say 'king me' and 'double jumped'
What you ride the waves with
Old method to wash clothes, also a hillbilly instrument
Part of car under windshield
Used in schools, written on with chalk
Helps you float in pool, usually propelled with your legs
A board with a clip at the top, used for holding papers and used to write on
Used in schools, written on with Expo markers
On a train, the conductor will say 'all _____!'
An electric piano
What you ride on the streets or on ramps
Where you play darts
DefinitionBoard words
At a sports event, used to keep score
The boards on the ground
Game usually played by older people that involves using a stick to slide a puck in to a triangle, getting a different amount of points for where it lands
Usually in the form of a box that homeless people live in, or a ______ box
In games, used to show who has the high score
To the right, if you're on a boat
The board where you play the game where you say 'checkmate'
Meaning when you have gone too far, you have gone _____
On side of highway, used for advertising really big ads
What you ride on snow slopes
The back of a basketball hoop

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