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Literal Translation (Language)City
Northern Capital (Chinese)
Ruler of the East/To Possess the East (Russian)
Hot Waters (Spanish)
Ash Tree (Spanish)
Port of Abbas (Persian)
Fair Winds/Good Airs (Spanish)
The Red Hero (Mongolian)
Pool of Immortality/Pool of Nectar (Punjabi)
White House (Spanish/Portuguese)
The Gardens (Arabic)
River of January (Portuguese)
Box Mansion (Japanese)
Coastal Defense (Vietnamese)
End of Strife (Burmese)
Where there are trees standing in the water (Mohawk)
New Flower (Amhari)
Settlement/Village (Armenian)
Holy Faith (Spanish)
Thessaly Victory (Greek)
White City (Serbian)
New City (Russian)
Strait (French)
Literal Translation (Language)City
Stone Fortress/City (Uzbek)
Mother of the Gods (Indigenous Brazilian)
Black Pool (Irish)
Mouth of the Gavenny (Welsh)
True Cross (Spanish)
Become a Capital (Chinese)
House of Peace (Arabic)
Place of the Gods (Tibetan)
Red Stick (French)
The Victorious/The Conqueror (Arabic)
Fragrant Harbor (Chinese)
(The) Duke's Forest (Dutch)
Fawn Island (Japanese)
Small (Turkic)
Happy Port (Portuguese)
Brotherly Love (Greek)
The Monks (French)
Salt Castle (Austro-Bavarian)
Cobra City (Marathi)
Double Celebration (Chinese)
Lion City (Malay)

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