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Can you name the historical people who did these things while senile?

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Addressed an oak tree as the King of PrussiaMadness brought on by porphyria: reigned 1760 - 1820
Thought he was made of glassBouts of schizophrenia and psychosis: reigned 1380 - 1422
Made his horse a consul and a priestClaims to insanity somewhat disputed: reigned 12 - 41
Asked the question 'Do [frogs] croak because they want to, or because the government ordered them to?' Developmental disability: reigned 259 - 307
Rolled a prepared speech into a telescope and looked at the Diet through itCerebral Meningitis or lead poisoning: reigned 1912 - 1926
Took her husband's corpse and 'kept it close' to herNeurotic depression/psychosis/schizophrenia: Queen 1504 - 1555
Pulled through the palace on a wheeled throne, biting attendants as they passedInsanity: reigned 565 - 578
'Ordered' that the US Congress be dissolved by forceInsanity or high eccentricity: 'reigned' 1859 - 1880
Passing from 'depraved orgies to anguished prayers and fasting', offering prayers for those he had executedMental illness: reigned 1533 - 1584
Living chickens tied to the table legsParanoia brought on by failure of husband's reign: Empress 1864 - 1867
Unable to chew, speech not understood, did not learn how to walk until eightMental disabilities brought on by Habsburg inbreeding: reigned 1665 - 1700
Terrible screams would echo throughout the palaceMental illness brought on by deaths of husband and son: reigned 1777 - 1816
Uttered the order 'I am the Emperor and I want dumplings'Epileptic and feeble-minded: reigned 1835 - 1848
Built lots of fairytale castles and invited his horse to dinnerHighly eccentric: reigned 1845 - 1886
Declared that it was 'unfashionable to love one's wife', self-mutilationSevere schizophrenia: reigned 1766 - 1808
Fed coins to fish in the Palace pool, named the fattest woman in his empire as the Governor GeneralNeurasthenia and depression: reigned 1640 - 1648
Burning sets of silken clothes every day and murdering servantsMentally ill: 1735 - 1762
Ate grass like cattleOld-age senility: reigned 605 BC - 562 BC

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