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European country that has...CountryFurther information
a land border with an African country
the tallest skyscraper in Europe
four official languages
a city on two continents
the biggest Jewish population
been the winner of 'FIFA World Cup' four times
a bilingual Capital but the rest of the country is highly seperated
been first to legalize gay marriage
the highest overall immigrant percentage
the largest refugee population
the highest number of timezones
the 'last real dictatorship' of Europe
European country that has...CountryFurther information
a semitic national language
been first to give females the right to vote
almost no Christian population
about a third less popluation today than it had in 1840
been the first Soviet republic to declare indpendence
the fastest shrinking population in the world (2009)
the largest number of dependent territories
the only 'absolute monarchy' in Europe
a monetary union with Switzerland
been the first former Yugoslav country to join the EU
only ~10 mio people but is origin of a world language
the highest per capita income

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