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The Most Common...Answer
Eye Color (Worldwide)
Language Spoken (Worldwide)
Color on National Flags (Worldwide)
Pizza Topping (in the U.S.)
Type of Computer Keyboard Layout
Mineral in Earth's Crust
Alcoholic Beverage (by Worldwide Consumption)
Vegetable (by Worldwide Growth)
First Name of English Kings
Car Model Sold (All-Time Worldwide)
Number Rolled in Craps
Three-Letter Word (English)
Cheese (by Worldwide Consumption)
Domesticated Animal (Worldwide)
Type of Rock on Earth's Surface
The Most Common...Answer
Juice Type (by U.S. Consumption)
Item Sold on eBay, 2010
First Name of U.S. Presidents
Meat (by Worldwide Consumption)
White-Collar Crime Committed (U.S.)
Website (by Worldwide Traffic)
U.S. State Bird (Most States)
FIFA World Cup Participant (Country)
Element in the Milky Way Galaxy
Tourist-Visited Country (as of 2010)
American Beer (by Worldwide Sales)
Surname/Last Name (Worldwide)
Chemical Type of Sugar (by Prevalence)
College Major (U.S. as of 2011)
Candy Bar (by U.S. Sales)

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