Oblivion Fill-In-The-Blanks: The Main Quest

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The story starts when you, the ______,
are led out of jail by the ______
a faction that helps protect the ________.
Before they can escape, the _________ assassinates the Emperor.
Luckily, he gives you the ________, a necklace that helps light the dragonfires.
You must go to _______, a small town outside Chorrol
to inform ________, the Grandmaster of the Blades, of this.
He tells you to go to ______,
but upon arrival, you find that an ___________ has opened outside the city!
With the help of __________, the guard captain, you rescue the city.
You take ______, the Emperor's bastard, back to the Grandmaster
and then go straight to __________ after finding that the Amulet has been stolen.
You then have to meet up with ______, a man that was with the Emperor at the beginning.
With him, you go into the sewers find the ______________, books devoted to the Mythic Dawn.
After finding 4 of those books, it leads to too the ____ shrine.
You grab the ________, the book written by the Prince of Destruction.
You then must find Mythic Dawn spies. One of them, _____, has orders to attack Bruma.
After that, you must find a __________
in order to open a portal to ______.
Meanwhile, a Great Gate opens outside of _______
and you take the ____________.
Using this, an artifact, and the ____________,
a portal is opened and you enter. Inside, you defeat ___________, the Mythic Dawn leader.
After retrieving the Amulet, you head to the __________ to light the dragonfires.
After speaking with ___________,
a gate is opened up inside the city! You go to the _________ to light the dragonfires.
Martin takes the form of ______
and defeats __________, the Prince of Destruction.
Though the ______ dynasty has ended, the Oblivion Crisis is over.
You also receive __________ armor from The Chancellor.
And you are named _____________!

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