Members of the Organization of Francophones

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ContinentCountryCurrent Leader
EuropePresident- Bamir Topi, former communist country
EuropeCo-Princes- Nicholas Sarkozy, Joan Sicília
Europeinvaded by Nazis twice
AfricaPresident- Yayi Boni
EuropePresident- Georgi Parvanov, former Communist country
AfricaPresident- Pierre Nkurunziza, occupited by Belgium
Asia/IndochinaPol Pot
AfricaPresident- Paul Biya
North AmericaBorders the U.S. Prime Minister- Stephen Harper
AfricaPresident- François Bozizé
AfricaNear Famous Lake, also common English Name
AfricaMost populous Francophone country
AfricaRecently ended Civil War, President- Alassane Ouattara
AfricaRecently expelled President Mubaarck
EuropeLand from whence Alexander the Great hailed
EuropeThe original Francophone country. President-Nicholas Sarkozy
AfricaMade the Top 16 in the 2010 World Cup. President- Ali Bongo Ondimba
ContinentCountryCurrent Leader
EuropeOrigin of First Republic
AfricaPresident-Alpha Condé
North America/ CaribbeanRecent earthquake victim. Michel Martelly
Asia/IndochinaCurrent communist nation. President- Choummaly Sayasone
Asia/Middle EastPresident-Suleiman. Currently facing upheaval
EuropeBorders Germany and France
AfricaSubject of a famous family film
AfricaAlso name of ancient empire. President- Amadou Touré
AfricaLoction of 'Casablanca'. President-Mohammed VI
AfricaPresident-Mahamadou Issoufou
EuropeCountry of Nicolae Ceaușescu
AfricaSite of a 1994 genocide
AfricaPresident-Abdoulaye Wade
EuropeFamous 'neutral' nation
AfricaOrigin of Jasmin Revolution
Asia/IndochinaCurrently communist, country at war with the U.S. for 16 years

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