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Can you name the Organism Phylum, Order, or Class?

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OrganismPhylum, Order or Classextra info
Clam : Phylum
Coleochaete : Order
Squid: Class
Earthworm: Phylum
Chlorophytes and Streptophytes : Clade
Clam : Class
Sac Fungi : Phylum
Clamworm : Phylum
Volvox : Order
Clamworm : Class
Snail: Phylum
Squid : Phylum
Spider/Scorpion : Class
Euglena : Phylum
Crayfish : Subphylum
Crabs : Order
Shrimp : Subphylum
Cladocera & Copepoda : Subphylum
Centipedes & Millipedes : Phylum
Insects: Class
Coleochaete : Class
Insects : Phylum
Scorpion/Spider/Limulus : Phylum
Fungi: Phylum
OrganismPhylum, Order or Classextra info
Amoebozoa : Unikont or Bikont?
Insects : Subphylum
Centipedes & Millipedes : Subphylum
Foraminiferan : Phylum
Paramecium : Phylum
Dinoflagellates and Diatoms : Unikont or Bikont?
Hydra : Phylum
Sea Anemone : Class
Snail : Class
Scorpion/Spider/Limulus : Subphylum
Club Fungi : Phylum
Colonial hydrozoans : Phylum
Hydra : Class
Jellyfish : Class
Radiolarians : Phylum
Volvox: Subphylum
Chlorococcales : Order or Class?
Chara : Order
Earthworm: Subclass
Liverworts, Hornwarts, Mosses(Embyrophytes) : Subphylum
Leech : Class
Club 'mosses' & Lycopods : sub-Subphylum
Angiosperms and Gymnosperms : Tracheophyta or Streptophyta?

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