English L204 Review Fall 2010

Random Literature or author Quiz

Can you name the story title or author from these three clues?

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Reno Divorce, Actress, Parties
Village, Shopman, Coffee
Church, Execution, Babies
Insect, Boarders, Apple
Salesman, Heart Defect, Glycerin
Physician, Creeping, Nursery
Passing, Blackmail, Grandmother
Pregnancy, Troll, Biker Gang
Cave, Virgins, Cannibalism
Adoption, Segregation, Prostitute
Threesome, Videos, Charred Remains
Pollution, Pornography, Arts Festival
Ski Trip, Brothers, Fat
Lobster, Drowning, Finches
Ballroom, Inflation, Suicide Pact
Lipstick, Bread Van, Photographer
Unicorn, Tyrant, Unclean
Teachers, Cordelia Street, Flowers
Chrystanthemum, Dormitory, Friendship
Landscapers, Cream Puffs. Corpse
Disappearance, Fishing, Cough Syrup
Romance Novels, Pickup Truck, Beatings
Puppy, Knife, Children
Cemetary, Colored School, Prince

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