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I'm great with cooking spells.
I gave Harry permission to go to Hogsmeade.
People oftentimes take my things, like shoes.
I stole the real locket straight from the Dark Lord.
I live to serve the noble and most ancient house of black.
I created one of the original Hallows: the cloak.
I am terrified of spiders.
I was Harry's first kiss.
I have my mother's eyes.
My wand was made of yew and phoenix feather throughout most of the series.
I was banned from my home in the forest.
I let my best friends copy my homework
My patronus changed into a werewolf.
I was chosen for You Know Who's mission.
I killed Sirius Black.
I'll sell anything to get money.
Blast ended skrewts aren't dangerous...they're interesting!
I love my soccer posters!!
I killed the only man The Dark Lord is afraid of.
'I must not tell lies'
I enjoy 'collecting' successfull students.
I betrayed Lily and James Potter
Spells are always blowing up in my face...literally.
I'll do anything to get Gryffindor a win!
I became Minister after Cornelius Fudge.
I am clumsy, awkward and forgetful, but brave when it really matters.
I can do a great bat-bogey hex.
I have a pet Phoenix, Fawkes.

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