Harry Potter Character Key Words

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Can you name the Harry Potter characters by the list of three key words?

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Key WordsCharacter
Elf, Free, Socks
Pink, Cats, Ministry
Redhead, Sidekick, Arachnophobia
Giant, Gamekeeper, Monsters
Lord, Parselmouth, Horcruxes
Smart, Muggle-born, S.P.E.W
Forgetful, Herbology, Remembrall
Marauder, Animagus, Grimmauld
Key WordsCharacter
Potions, Spy, Prince
Evil, Female, Crazy
Headmaster, Hallows, Beard
Nemesis, Bully, Pale
Marauder, Werewolf, Teacher
Orphan, Hero, Scar
Animagus, Cat, Teacher
Redheads, Jokesters, Wheezes

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