Harry Potter Character Key Words

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Can you name the Harry Potter characters by the list of three key words?

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Key WordsCharacter
Elf, Free, Socks
Marauder, Werewolf, Teacher
Pink, Cats, Ministry
Headmaster, Hallows, Beard
Giant, Gamekeeper, Monsters
Nemesis, Bully, Pale
Lord, Parselmouth, Horcruxes
Marauder, Animagus, Grimmauld
Key WordsCharacter
Evil, Female, Crazy
Forgetful, Herbology, Remembrall
Animagus, Cat, Teacher
Smart, Muggle-born, S.P.E.W
Potions, Spy, Prince
Redheads, Jokesters, Wheezes
Orphan, Hero, Scar
Redhead, Sidekick, Arachnophobia

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