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Is not supposed to be within 200 feet of a school.. or a Chuck E. CheeseA
The person who is actually kidnapped by ChowB
'Is this the real _______ _______?'C
'Paging ___ _______'D
Who works at The Best Little Chapel?E
'Guys I ______ up'F
Who does Alan tell Chow he hates?G
This doesn't stay in VegasH
Wears a satchelI
'Not you fat _____'J
Actor who plays ChowK
Chow's first nameL
Tells Stu not to forget his RogaineM
'How dare you she's a _____ _____!'N
'It's frowned upon like masturbating __ __ ________'O
'_____ at a time like this?'P
'Not so good now. ____ ___ ___, douchebag.' (HINT: CHOW)Q
What does Alan slip in their drinks on the roof?R
Alan's dadS
What does Alan find in the bathroom?T
'Don't let Alan drive, because there's something wrong with him.' '__________.'U
City where Doug's bachelor party isV
'And six months ago, when Doug introduced me to you guys, I thought, ____ _ ______ _____ __ __?'W
What does Alan believe he bought from the drug dealer?X* (makes the x sound)
What does Alan say before asking if they are in the real Caesar's Palace?Y
'Do they dream of mauling ______ or Halle Berry in her catwoman suit?'Z

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