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What creature made the wine Snape offers Narcissa and Bellatrix?-
what is the only thing that can cure basilisk posion?-
Why was the whomping willow planted?-
which character has tatoos similar to that of a russian prison gang?full name
who shook hands with harry in the leaky cauldron and later becomes a member of the order of the phoenix?full name
Who was a known descendant of Helga Hufflepuff?full name or last name
What creatures blood is an effective oven cleaner?-
what is ernie macmillians patronus?-
who gets 'sneak' written across her forehead in book 5?full name
Harry grew up to be Godfather to whos child?first names or last names
What teacher did Filch like most?full name
Who shares the same death day as nearly headless nick?-
what flavour drink does hagrid offer Harry after sirius's death?-
Who died to make the horcrux nagini?full name
Who takes on the role of muggle studies teacher whilst snape is headmaster?full name
QuestionsAnswers Extras
what hogwarts ghost was never actually alive?-
which vault was the philosopher stone kept in?-
What kind of animal does Bellatrix kill at spinners end?-
What do the bulgarians have as there mascot at the quidditch world cup?fleur is a quarter...
What kind of wood is voldemorts wand made of?-
the maximum number of O.W.Ls a person can get is 12.true or false
What was the answer to the Sphinxs riddle?-
who is the only person to die from looking at the basilisk?-
Where was the Gaunt ring found by Dumbledore?-
What does Voldemort mean?voldemort is a french term
what type of dragon was norbert/ norberta?-
what chess peice did hermione take the place of in Mcgonagalls chess set?-
what is the name of the knight bus driver?full name
J.k rowling says her patronus would be the same as what characters?-
What does Voldemort give wormtail as a reward for helping him back to power?-

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