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Number of page Snape requests they turn to in book 3
Number of people that can see thestrals in Harrys class
Number of owls Fred and George Weasley get together
Number of people who die at the Battle of Hogwarts on Harrys side
Number of times Nearly headless Nick was hit with an axe before dieing
Number of the Philosopher stones vault at Gringotts
Number of years between the first and second opening of the chamber of secrets
Number of Horcruxes
Number Arthur Weasley types into the payphone at ministry of magic
Number of Harrys vault at Gringotts
Number of grandchildren Molly and Arthur Weasley have
Number of members in Dumbledores armyIncluding Harry
Number of possible fouls in quidditch
Number of points Ireland win by in the Quidditch world cup
Number of staircases at Hogwarts

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