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The Chosen one.Full name
The female of the trio.Full name
School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.-
The school train.-
Small town near Hogwarts.-
Which contains this sweet shop.-
And this pub.-
Co- founder of the school.Full name
The ancestor of this witch.Full name
Who is the owner of this house elf.Creature
Popular half gaint.Last name only
The Deathly _______-
Most common blood status -
An all women quidditch team.-
Flying teacher.Last name only
Nearly headless nick wishes to join this.-
The death day of lily and james potter.-
Harrys loyal pet.Creature
Suject taught by Proffesor Sprout.-
Percy's owl.Creature
Class taught by Proffesor Binns.-
Voldemort makes 7 of these.-
Hermione disguises as this ministry worker.Last name only
Takes over Snape position as Potions master in year 6Full name
A red, screaming letter.-
The dragon Harry faces in the first task.Creature
At the end of the school year the house with the most points gets this.-
The witch who bullied myrtle.Last name only
A magical creature that live in bogs.Creature

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