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Can you name the christmas time harry potter facts ?

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Harry and Hermione discover its christmas eve when they visit which village?Book 7
Who gives Harry a firebolt for christmas in his third year?Book 3
Ron recieved what as a present from his girlfriend?Book 6
Where does Harry spend christmas in the fifth book?Book 5
What did Harry recieve as a christmas present from the Dursleys in his second year?Book 2
What smashed up vegatable did Percys siblings throw at him when he turned up at the Burrow with the Minister of Magic on christmas day?Book 6
Spends Christmas in which family home?Book 6
During Harry's second year what potion does he take on christmas day?Book 2
The trio saw which of their fellow Gryffindors in St Mungos on Christmas day?Book 5
Ron spent his christmas where?Book 7
Attends who's christmas party?Book 6
Hermione reports which of Harrys presents to professor Mcgonagall? Book 3
Harry and Hermione where staying where on Christmas day?Book 7
How many christmas trees are put up in the great hall?-
Harry recieves what from an unknown source?Book 1
Ron used this item to locate Harry and Hermione...Book 7
What special event was held on christmas day during Harry's fourth year?Book 4
He recieved a brown wallet with fangs from who?Book 5
What Patronus did Harry see that showed him to the way to the sword of Gryffindor?Person and animal- Book 7
Harry has his first kiss with who under the mistletoe?Book 5
Which St Mungos patient recieved a disguised devils snare plant as a chrismas present?Book 5
What colour jumper does Mrs Weasley knit Harry in book one?Book 1

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