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What subject does Harry recieve an outstanding O.W.L in?
What does Dumbledore ask Harry to collect from Slughorn?
What is the name of the vampire who attends Slughorns christmas party?
Who gives Harry chocolate cauldrons spiked with love potion?Full name needed
Who does Draco have under the imperius curse to pass him information about Dumbledore?
Which singer does Fleur impersonate much to Mrs Weasleys annoyance?Full name needed
What conspiracy does Luna believe the Aurors are part of?
Who does Draco confide all his plans and feelings in,while trying to kill Dumbledore?
Where do Harry and Dumbledore find Slughorn?
Who took the locket that Harry and Dumbledore were intending to destroy?Full name needed (Including middle)
Which of Hagrid's pets dies during this book?
Who does Hermione take to the Slughorns christmas party?Full name needed
When drunk Slughorn and Hagrid sing a song about which dying wizard?One word only
What spell created by the Half-Blood prince does Harry use on Draco?
Who does Slughorn see Ginny hex on this Hogwarts express?Full name needed
Which sinister shop in Diagon Alley is Draco seen visiting?
In what Muggle neighbourhood does Snape live in?
Which old witch is Tom Riddle sent to buy Goblin-made armour from?Full name needed
Which Quidditch team does Gwenog Jones captain?
Which Slytherin is a member of the the Slug club?Full name needed

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