NFL Players Hidden in Sentences

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Can you name the NFL players whose names are phonetically sounded out (hidden) in the following sentences?

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The rumors they pin on Drake are turning more and more ridiculous.
Sorry to be curt. Is pain terrible? Next time I'll be less frank with you.
Was he ready for the game? Hardly. Evan slept through the first quarter.
This sushi platter I will destroy. Hell, unagi stands no chance against me!
Do you think there is gold in tater tots' centers?
This just in… Tucking your kids in at night is good parenting.
Attention Silent Bob and Jay: Clockers is my favorite Spike Lee movie.
The judge will either convict or cruise to the decision of an acquittal
He withdrew brie sandwiches from the cooking contest because they were too salty.
Profit margins are tight. Us young folks need to help increase purchasing power.
If I pray, rye, sourdough, and ciabatta will overtake white bread.
What do a ninja, Kobe, four ducks and a frankfurter all have in common?
To betray Lou is to betray the luckiest man on the face of the earth.
Someone once said reading increases your intelligence.
Even though he tried to be incognito, Nero mostly acted conspicuously.
What did you say? Jayhawks really live in Kansas?
Mmmm I love that oven scent… Brown and black burnt toast.
I just bought a sedan, bay leaf plants, and a basketball hoop all in one day!
Get a doormat for taking your shoes off and wiping them on.
Will my cult earn urns filled with gold?

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