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God/Goddess ofGod/GoddessSymbol of Power
God of forges and fireFire, anvil, hammer
Goddess of loveDove, swan, rose
God of the skyThunderbolt, eagle, scepter
God of the ocean Horse, trident, dolphin
Goddess of marriage Cow, peacock, crown
God of wineWine, grapevine, cup
God of warBoar, spear, serpent
Goddess of the moonMoon, bow, arrow
God/Goddess ofGod/GoddessSymbol of Power
God of the sunSun, lyre, raven
Goddess of agricultureWheat, torch, poppy
Goddess of springtimeFlowers, grass, vines
God of the underworldSkull, jewels, shadows
Goddess of the hearthWarmth, hearth, home
God of travellersWinged shoes, caduceus, roads
Goddess of wisdomOwl, olive tree, chess
God of sleepPillow, bed, sleep

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