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Ruler of the Sea
God of Wine
Killer of Achilles
The Messenger and Master Thief
Son of the King of Ithaca
Sprang from Zeus's head in full armor
Ruler of the Sky
Bore the world on his shoulders
Savior of mankind who is punished on a rock
God of War
Took an arrow to the heel
Wife of Hades
Goddess of Marriage
Ruler of the Titans
Archer-god of Light and Truth
Ruler of the underworld and the dead
Wife of the King of Ithaca
Ugly God of the Forge and Fire
Kills Medusa
Goddess of the Hearth
Goddess of Love and Beauty
God of Love
Huntsman-in-chief to the gods
Goddess of the Rainbow
Lost king who angered Poseidon
Fairest woman in the world (super hot)
Greatest hero of Greece
Goddess of the Corn
Opens a forbidden box
Cyclops son of Poseidon who is blinded by a lost king

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