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Ex-Insurance Investigator
first and last name 
What city did 'The Bank Shot Job' take place in?
just the city 
Nate's Ex Wife
first name 
The insurance company that let Nate's son die
3 letters 
Grifter (her name she gave the team originally)
first and last name 
the episode where the team is on a plane looking for 'assets'
four words  
Last name 
TV station which Leverage aires on
3 letters 
First and last name 
First name 
The team poses as what in the 'Fairy Godparents Job'
Nate's rival at IYS
Last name 
Grifter who took Sophie's place when she left
first name 
Man who is arrested at the end of season 3
last name 
Hardison's rival
how many seasons have there been as of January 2011
not 4 
The episode where Sophie's identity crisis causes her to leave at the very end
she left at the very end wearing a red jacket. she almost kissed nate while standing at the grave of Sophie Devereaux 
The team goes by this name in the second episode of season one
It was on a sign when the team first walk into the new office 

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