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'If you feel so empty.So used up, so let down.If you feel so angry.So ripped off,so stepped on....'One X
'I hope you're missing me.I hope I've made you see that Im gone forever'One X
'At night I feel like a vampire. It's not right, but I just can't give it up!'Life starts now
'Anger and agony are better than misery.'One X
'I know what runs through your blood. You do this all in vein. Because of you my mind is always racing.'One X
'Home, home this house is not a home, home.'Three Days Grace
'I can be mean. I can be angry. You know I could be just like you.'Three Days Grace
'Don't hide your mistakes 'cause they'll find you, burn you....'One X
'Every roomate kept awake, by every sigh and scream we make......'Three Days Grace
'Even if I say it'll be alright. Still I hear you say you want to end your life.'One X
'Somebody help me through this nightmare. I can't control myself.'One X

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