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This flag...Country name
Is never flown at half-mast due to religious circumstances.
Is the only flag to depict human beings on it.
Is similar to the Chinese design of the ying and yang symbol.
Has a twenty-four spoked wheel on it.
Has a golden lion on it.
Is very similar to the flag of Ireland, but its colors are reversed.
Was altered to avoid confusion with the flag of the Red Cross.
Is one of only two square flags in the world, one being Vatican City.
Has its coat of arms on its obverse and its seal of the treasury on its reverse.
Has a three-pronged trident on it.
Has the oldest flag design still in use by an independent nation.
Has a green cedar tree on it.
Has a boar's tusk on it.
Is the only flag consisting of a solid color and no other characteristics.
Is the only flag that bears the image of a modern day rifle.
This flag...Country name
Has a machete superimposed over a cogwheel.
Is closest in design to the flag of America, with eleven red and white stripes and one white star.
Has one large red cross and four smaller 'crosslets' as its design.
Is the only flag that can be flown inverted during a time of war.
Is identical to the flag of Indonesia, with the exception of proportions.
Is one of only two flags that bears its country outline, one being Cyprus.
Has various constellations on it, including Scorpius and the Southern Cross.
Is the only non-quadrilateral flag in the world.
Has a dragon, known as Druk, on it.
Is the only flag with a historical building on it.
Has a structure known as a 'yurt' on it.
Has its national bird, the Grey Crowned Crane, on it.
Is the only flag with a parrot on it.
Bears the George Cross in its design, awarded by King George VI of the United Kingdom for its citizens' bravery in WWII.

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