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Late lead singer of Big Star and The HolliesThe Replacements
Artist, filmmaker and 60's icon; most famous work involved soup cansDavid Bowie
Baseball's all-time home run leaderKanye West
Sardonic actor most famous for his roles in Ghostbusters and Lost In Translation; was almost BatmanGorillaz
Bespectacled forefather of rock n roll; died in a famous plane crashWeezer
Comedic actor from acting family; claims to be 'winning', despite strong indications otherwiseKing's X
'Classic' actor in the highest grossing movie in history (when adjusted for inflation), though won his only Oscar for a different filmThe Postal Service
Legendary actor most famous for westerns, won 2 Oscars for directing. Michael J. Fox 'played' him in a movieGorillaz
2-time NBA 6th Man of the Year, played for Mavericks, Pacers, Supersonics and Trailblazers; was on a recent episode of Parks & RecreationBand of Horses
Former member of The Supremes with a very successful solo career; friend to Michael JacksonThe Concretes
Member of Pearl Jam and solo ukelele artistLocal H
Legendary Broadway actress also famous for her cameo in Airplane!Archers of Loaf
Original Charlie's Angel and 1970s pinup; passed away on the same day as Michael JacksonSuper Deluxe
Member of the Rat Pack; one of the most famous singers of all-timeCake
Famous actor and dancer; most commonly partnered with Ginger RogersLucky Boys Confusion
The Singing Cowboy; owned the California Angels baseball team for nearly 40 yearsBeulah
The singer/songwriter, not the son of Michael BluthTapes 'N Tapes
Actress, Princess of Monaco; starred in Hitchcock's Dial M For Murder, Rear Window and To Catch a ThiefMika
Another Hitchcock blonde; most famous for being 'looked at' by Humphrey BogartBilly Bragg & Wilco
Actress and exercise guru; married to Ted TurnerMickey Avalon
Actor, skateboarder; his name was Earl at one pointAll Girl Summer Fun Band
Late singer/guitarist of The ClashCowboy Mouth
Canadian singer/songwriter and gay rights activist; her most famous song 'inspired' a late-era Rolling Stones singleRusty
Famous viking, actor or politician, depending on how you spell it (all accepted)Interpol
Arguably the greatest basketball player of all-time, though not a great baseball player, as he learned mid-way through his basketball careerFive For Fighting/that dog.
Lead singer of R.E.M.P
Though he shares a name with another member of R.E.M., this song is named for the film and music video directorAir
Oscar-winning actress; portrayed Luke Skywalker's motherOzma/Team Sleep
19th century Irish playright and humorist; his only novel involved a supernatural paintingCompany of Thieves
Country music singer who had crossover success in the early 1960s; died in a plane crash in 1963 at the age of 30Jenny Toomey
Member of The Beatles, Wings and a successful solo careerScissor Sisters
His famous midnight ride warning of approaching enemies is a legendary part of US historyBeastie Boys
1980s actress and Brat Pack member most famous for getting out of a pool in slow motionFenix TX
Late R&B singer of the 70s & 80s; as the song states, the 'original super freak'Jude
Oscar-winning actress and sister of Warren Beatty; nominated 5 times before her 1983 winHelmet
Late American film director often considered one of the best of all-time; one of his most famous characters is a talking computerMogwai
American movie star of the 60s and 70s known as 'The King of Cool'; often associated with speeding cars and motorcyclesSheryl Crow
One of the greatest baseball players of all time; inagural Hall of Fame inductee and former all-time hits leaderSoundgarden

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