What is he called? (what city is he from the hard way!)

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Can you name the What is he called? (what city is he from the hard way!?

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Naples, Italy
Bordeaux, France
Nazareth, Israel
Vienna, Austria
Oslo, Norway
Oxford, England
Cairo, Egypt
Tokyo, Japan
Liverpool, England
Mumbai, India
Manchester, England
Cape Town, South Africa
Nice, France
Phoenix, USA
Cambridge, England or USA
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Venice, Italy
Vichy, France
Exeter, England
Dundee, Scotland
Moose Jaw, Canada
Los Angeles, USA
Madrid, Spain
Florence, Italy
Melbourne, Australia
Halifax, Canada
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Lviv, Ukraine
Leeds, England
St Albans, England
Moscow, Russia
Glasgow, Scotland
Winnipeg, Canada
The Hague, Netherlands
Caracas, Venezuela
Newcastle, England
Meru, Kenya
Sydney, Australia
Mexico City, Mexico
Pittsburgh, USA
São Paulo, Brazil
Birmingham, England

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