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DefinitionValentine WordHints
A. marked by expressions
of love or affection;
conducive to or suitable
for people in love
A has 3 hints
B. a sweetheart chosen or
complimented on February 14;
or a gift or greeting sent on this day
B has 3 hints
C. a usually illicit love affair
C has 2 hints
D. a very handsome
young man
D has 3 hints
E. something that excites;
an agent that arouses or is
held to arouse sexual desire
E has 3 hints
F. foolish or extravagant
love or admiration
F has 3 hints
G. lover, especially a man who is a promiscuous and unscrupulous lover
G has 2 hints
H. not reciprocated
or returned in kind
H has 3 hints
I. overly sentimental;
mawkish; unpleasantly sweet
I has 3 hints
J. darling; one who is loved
J has 2 hints

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