Polysemes: Words with multiple meanings

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Can you name the 10 words with the most meanings (from some generally less used definitions?)?

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3 LETTERS: a hole in a stocking; to submit for consideration or review; to compete for an elective office
3 LETTERS: an option contract giving the owner the right to sell a security at a specified price; to hurl with an overhand pushing motion
3 LETTERS: to establish as a model; to put into a stable position
4 LETTERS: a pair of hawks released by a falconer at one time; to discard or reject
3 LETTERS: to fail to attend purposely; to lessen the strength of or dilute
4 LETTERS: to receive a card from a dealer or central stack; to suck or take in
5 LETTERS: the major idea or essential part of a concept or narrative; a geometric 'object' having no width, length, or height
5 LETTERS: to be in prison for a period; to perform a Divine service
6 LETTERS: to fall upon or shine on; to enter the mind
7 LETTERS: up to and including; from the beginning to the end of

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