Mythbusters: 2005 season part I

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Can you name the Busted (B), Confirmed (C) or Plausible (P) Myths investigated by Mythbusters (2005 Part I)?

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Myth exploredC, B, or PExplanation
A person will be propelled backwards if hit by a bullet.
Salsa corroded window bars of a jail cell in an escape.
Driveshaft dragging on ground, striking pothole, can cause end-over-end flip.
Possible to get free (stolen) energy by using a coil of baling wire positioned under a power line.
If strapped into rear flight attendant seat, can survive destruction of aircraft in air--tail section slows fall and absorbs impact.
Bury 6 pack in sand, light gas over it, cools quickly.
Bullet through groin of Civil War soldier entered & impregnated a women.
Bullets spark when ricocheting off objects.
A wine glass shatters if a person sings at the right pitch.
Pyramid power can be harnessed for a variety of purposes around the home.
Myth exploredC, B, or PExplanation
It is possible to do a chain-straight 360° loop on a swingset.
A Great White Shark can pull barrels underwater and hold them there.
Punching shark the nose, eyes, or gills-- it will flee or back off.
A tissue box can stay intact during a crash.
(Revisit) A person will end up drier running in the rain than walking.
(Revisit) A gas tank will explode when shot by a bullet.
A dog's mouth is cleaner than a human's.
Vodka can kill bad breath.
Seasickness can be cured by taking a ginger pill.
It is more fuel efficient to drive a pick-up truck with its tailgate down, rather than up.

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