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Linked letter abbreviationAnswerField
A and MEducation (Texas A & M)
A & PCommerce
A and REntertainment
B & BTravel
B & BTravel
B & BBartending
B & ELaw
B & OTransportation
B of EBanking
C & ICommerce
C & OTransportation
C & WMusic
C in C (or C-in-C)Government
C of CGovernment
D & BCommerce
F. & T.Insurance
G & STheatre
K of CFraternal Organization
Linked letter abbreviationAnswerField
M & M BoysBaseball
P & GCommerce
P & HCommerce
P & LCommerce
Q & AEntertainment
R & BMusic
R & DBusiness
R & RMusic
R and RLaw
r & rMilitary
S & LBanking
S & MPsychology
S & PCommerce
T and EPsychology
T and EPsychology
T and ECommerce
T and ECommerce
T and AMedicine

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