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Freezing point of pure waterFahrenheit
Boiling point of waterFahrenheit
Normal temperature of the human body, to the nearest tenthFahrenheit
Freezing point of pure waterCelsius or Centigrade
Boiling point of waterCelsius or Centigrade
Freezing point of pure waterKelvin
Boiling point of waterKelvin
Boiling point of heliumKelvin
Name for the lowest possible temperatureCelsius
Lowest possible temperatureCelsius
Lowest possible temperatureFahrenheit
Lowest possible temperatureKelvin
Lowest possible temperatureRankine
Burning point of paperFahrenheit
Sun's coreCelsius
Thermonuclear weapon (peak)Celsius
CERN's proton vs nucleus collisionsCelsius
Universe 5.391×10^−44 sec after the Big BangCelsius

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