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HintEponymous itemPerson named after
A race for 3-year-old horses; two types of hats have this name as well, including one type worn by women at the 1st leg of the Triple Crown.
Athletic shoe with a canvas upper and rubber sole, developed as beachwear.
Skintight, one-piece garment.
Women's loose trousers gathered at the knee, worn under a short skirt.
Denim work pants.
Lightweight all-weather broad-brimmed cowboy hat, made of fur-felt.
A raincoat.
Hair curling method to get regular waves.
HintEponymous itemPerson named after
Couch or sofa, deep buttoning, upholstered in leather by hand.
Olive-drab military shortened coat, terminating in a waistband.
Hard derby hat. Originally called Coke Hat.
Standing collar with the points pressed to stick out horizontally at the side-fronts, worn with a scarf or ascot.
Inflatable life jacket.
Mustache and goatee with hair on the cheeks shaven.
Man's facial hair in front of the ears.

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