Do the Math, But with a Trick VII

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Do the math VII (Hint available!)

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A. What is the factorization of x2b - y2b, where b is a variable?
Place parentheses around each factor,
and use the carot (^) for an exponent
B. What is the range of principal values for y = cot-1 x?
Answer in the form of:
a < y < b, inclusive or exclusive
C. What are the roots of the equation
x4 - 9x2 = 0 ?
D. What is the degree measure of the minor arc intercepted by a chord, where the tangent to the circle & the chord from the point of tangency form an angle of 40o?
E. What is the value of the determinant of a 2 x 2 matrix, with top row 4, 3, and bottom row 2, 1?
F. What is the unit vector in
the direction of 7i - 24j ?
Answer in the form of:
(fraction)i plus or minus (fraction)j
G. For the parabola y = (x - 1)(x + 3), what value of c is guaranteed by Rolle's Theorem on the interval from -3 to 1?
H. What is the a + bi form of 14 cis 45 degrees?
Answer in the form of a1sqrt(a2) + b1sqrt(b2) i
I. In a + bi form, what is the third power of the complex number 2 cis 90 degrees?
J. The equation of a parabola is 'ALWAYS' 'SOMETIMES' 'NEVER' a function.
Type the appropriate word.

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