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Do the math VI (Hint available!)

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A. What is the product of 81 and 30 ?
B. Given that the first roll of a 6-sided die gives a 5, what is the probability that the sum of the first 3 rolls is divisible by 5?
Express as a simplified fraction
C. Expressed as x^(power), what is
the 4th root of (x5)8/15 power?
the exponent should be a simplified fraction
D. What is the identity
element of multiplication?
E. In terms of sines and/or cosines only, what is tan x / sec x
F. What is the value of x if the two acute angles in a right triangle have degree measures of 3xo and (7x - 8)o ?
G. What is the area (in ft2) of a stop sign with side length of 1 foot and
top to bottom height of 2.4 feet?
H. Of the following 3 scores, which score in a set of normally distributed scores with mean 82 has the highest probability of occurrence: 99, 97, 66?
if you answer incorrectly, try again
I. Which is the solution of
4x2 + y2 - 8y +16 > 3:
a. inside a circle; b. outside a circle;
c. inside an ellipse; d. outside an ellipse?
Type the letter of the correct answer
J. What is the derivative of sqrt (2x + 3)
Express as an expression raised (^) to an exponent, place the expression and the exponent in parentheses

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